Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vegas trip, post 1

Hey, guess what? Today I went to the chiropractor and got my wrist adjusted, and I got off work early, and I was away from hand-controlled technology for most of the night, and so late night tonight my wrist actually feels decent! Yay! I can't pass up this opportunity to post a post, even if it is 3 AM...

So, Vegas...

We left for Vegas on Thursday, August 6th, a little after 3 PM after getting off work. I picked up Matt and in stead of getting gas before we headed out, we stopped for gas in the next town which is called Fernley. Fernley made the national news a couple years ago when a dam levy broke and flooded about 800 homes. While in Fernley we got gas and also got Wendy's drive through.

We decided to try going to Vegas through Yerington, which ended up being a mistake. Even though the road leading to Yerington picks up first, it is actually faster to go through Fallon. Fallon is the Nevada town where a large percentage of kids got cancer, BTW. Nevada is mostly government land and small towns, so I guess the small towns want to get their name out for something. ;)

We got to Vegas around 11 or 11:30 PM. I am not exactly sure anymore. Our first stop in Vegas was to have dinner at the Texas Station. That was a mistake though as I was too tired to enjoy my dinner, and I took half of it home plus all of the dessert that came with the meal. After that we headed to my grandma's house, unpacked our stuff, and eventually went to sleep.


Friday morning we didn't get up til probably past 10 AM. Ah, sleeping in is nice. Matt and I headed out and first stopped by a bank so I could deposit my paycheck and get us some cash. Then Matt dropped me off at Melissa's house, and he went to see the Auto Collection at the Imperial Palace.

Melissa is my bestest Vegas friend, and she has two boys, one who is almost five and one who is 2.5. They are cute kids... especially the younger one. Once upon a time when the younger one was still a baby I carried him around for an entire day during a Vegas visit.

Went to Cost-co and had lunch and she did some shopping with Melissa and one of her kids. Then we went to her house and the kids' dad came home. So we left the kid home with dad and went and got pedicures. After the pedicures we went to a smoothie shop and drank smoothies and talked for a while. Then we picked up the other kids from the baby sitter's and then went to Wal*Mart. Ah the fun things we do. ;)

Then Matt came over to Melissa's house later on closer to 6 and we all had dinner together and ate bacon cheeseburgers. After dinner the adults played Trivial Pursuit 90's. It took FOREVER for someone to win. After the game we sat around and talked for a long while until almost 11 PM.

Matt and I went back to my grandma's house and watched part of a movie and then went to bed.

To be continued next post...

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