Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hello out there!

I have finally decided to start a blogspot blog!

I love to write about all the little details of my daily life. This blog will be my new place to record such details.

About me:

My name is Catherine, and I have spent all of my life so far living in Nevada.

I love to travel, experience new experiences (some of them anyway ;)), and try new great, unique, and delicious food. We have been on one or more trips every month this year with the exception of January, and it has been great!

I am an aspiring real estate appraiser. I got my intern license in October 2008 and it will take me a few years to rack up enough hours to finish my internship.

I have been married since December 31, 2005 to Matt.

I currently have one dog named Princess. We adopted her from the Nevada Humane Society. She is a terrier/corgi/??? mix. She has a terrier face, a wire hair coat on her back, short legs, a long tail, a "solid" body, and semi-pointy triangular ears. She is kind of funny looking up also quite cute.

In my spare time I read Internet forums, participate on social networking sites, and watch a lot of TV. My life at home is pretty boring when I am not out traveling.

I grew up in Las Vegas, then moved to Reno when I finished high school. Currently I live in the middle of nowhere Nevada. Nevada has a few perks I have discovered such as no state income tax, no fleas, and most places are mosquito free. Not really much humidity here either. I may one day move out of this state, but for now I guess I have made my peace with living here.

Well, I guess that is all I will write about myself for now... see ya tomorrow hopefully.

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