Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday, August 2

Slept in til 11 AM. Was nice I suppose, but then I thought, "This will make getting up tomorrow hard, as at this point I will have been at work for an hour."

In the early afternoon we went to Starbucks and playing Scrabble with Matt's friend. I lost. I like to win, but I did OK with the losing thing.

After Starbucks we went and ate an early lunch / late dinner at Marie Calender's. I got the California Chicken Waldorf Salad and Matt got the meatloaf sandwich. My salad was decent. I ordered the dressing on the side but ended up not using any as the salad tasted sweet enough without it. Matt was not a fan of his sandwich though. We are not very big fans of Marie Calender's in general, but we went because I had some coupons that expire soon. For dessert we split a piece of chocolate silk pie. Not all that impressive. And the service was quite slow... especially since they had extra servers just sitting in the lobby (really, they did).

After Marie Calendar's we stopped at Trader Joe's and I bought milk, bread, and Balance Bars. Have enough other groceries to make it through our short week at home. Next weekend we will be gone for four days.

Came home and watched the finale the "The Next Food Network Star." Originally we wanted Melissa to win, but then when we saw she has four kids under 4 we were like, "Maybe it would be better if she lost." But she did win and it is sad that now her kids are going to see a lot less of their mom. I wonder why she even applied to be on the show in the first place? Doesn't she already have enough to do in life with her kids and the other stuff they showed her doing?

After that show we didn't really feel like watching TV anymore, so instead we played a bunch of games for a while. We played Scene It, Carcasone, Brain Challenge, and Battleship. We were going to play Scrabble, but it turns out we don't own it. Maybe I will pick up that game sometime soon.

Before bed we watched three episodes of "Friends." I bought the whole series on DVD earlier this year, and the past week or two we have watched at least one episode right before bed. Fun way to end the night.

Those would be the highlights of Sunday. On to another work week...

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